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Elise Imbeau

Research assistant

I completed my master's research project in February 2020, "Hidden organic carbon reserves in northern lake ice", a project that I completed at UQAC, supervised by Milla Rautio and co-supervised by Warwick F. Vincent.

Since then, I work for the Rautio Aqua Lab as a research assistant, based in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Living in Cambridge Bay, one of the main sites of interest of the laboratory, it is possible for me to collect samples throughout the year, which allows to acquire high temporal resolution data and to draw a detailed portrait of the ecology of these studied arctic lakes.

As a research assistant, my job is to coordinate with the researchers and students to look at their sampling needs, manage field and lab material, sample, work in the lab, take care of long-term loggers maintenance and organize the samples (preservation and transport logistic).
I sample all year long, even under almost 2 meters of ice! Water is collected for chlorophyll-a, fatty acids, carbon (DOC, CDOM), nutrients (TP, TN, SRP, NOx), DNA and Primary Production analysis. I also collect fish and zooplankton from ponds and lakes.
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