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Crysta Rhainds

Lab technician

DSC00058 - Copie.jpg
My job as lab technician is to make sure that the students have all the material and equipment for the realization of their experiments and projects in the lab as well as in the field.
I keep track of the material by making inventories, ordering the missing material and shipping it when necessary. I also take care of the maintenance of the laboratory instruments to ensure that they are properly calibrated, cleaned and ready for use.

I perform some routine analyses such as chlorophyll-a and CDOM using the spectrophotometer and spectrofluorometer. I prepare samples like seston, zooplankton and fish so they are ready for fatty acids analysis.
I am in charge of keeping the Rad Lab in good conditions and free of contamination, making sure all users follow the security rules.
Finally, I perform data processing related to the various analyses taking place within the laboratory.

I am always available to discuss the lab techniques with the students and have fun with the team while working at the lab.
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